Several events have occurred in the first quarter of this year:

Michael Reichmann and I had a very successful workshop in Bangladesh . Michael has documented the highlights and the lessons learned and has shown several of his pictures on his site www.luminous-landscape.com

A joint exhibition of Bangladesh pictures by Michael and I took place in Toronto , Canada in March

I am now again living in Bangladesh working for the health component of the UNDP Chittagong Hill Tracts Development Facility. The CHT indigenous population has been suffering from internal armed conflicts between 1978 and 1997 and its access to health care is still minimal. Malaria is the main cause of morbidity and mortality and maternal mortality is believed to be very high. The assignment is challenging. I will later post pictures on the CHT a still little known part of our world.
I am planning to take a few people to the Pamir Mountains of Tajikistan during the last 2 weeks of July and/or the first two weeks of August, 2005. I lived there for sometimes and married someone from there. I have posted some pictures of Gorno Badhakashan in The Gallery. The workshop will start from Osh in Kyrkhystan, will go through the high passes (15000 feet) to reach Murgab in GBAO and then will discover the mountain lakes and many valleys of GBAO, the main town of Khorog, the hot springs of Iskhashim and follow a scenic route along the Afghan border until the place Marco Polo is believed to have crossed in on his way to China. The workshop will not be physically exhausting (no hard trekking) and will at times offer the possibility of horse rides. Accommodation will be camping for a few nights and bed and breakfast with the locals otherwise. The sceneries are magnificent and very few tourists have visited GBAO. It is a rare opportunity. The overall costs (without the airfares to and from Osh ) will be 3,800 USD. Let me know quickly at ventsdest@yahoo.com if you are interested.
Several of my portraits of Gorno-Badakhshan have been posted on the site of www.afghana.org, a site I encourage you to visit if you are interested in Afghanistan.
  The site has officially opened on September 20th, 2004. In many ways it is still under construction and will be improved progressively.